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Are you looking for sales agents, wholesalers, retailers, trading partners, franchisers and want to expand their business, has an easy and quick working solution.

Post your job (we call it a pitch) for sales agents! You can qualify your sales job selecting one or more target countries and one or more business sections. Registered sales agents will see a match with your criteria. They can contact you via your email – telephone or website.
Our selection definitions are very sophisticated so you will find exactly the sales agents that meet your needs.

For sales agents, wholesalers, retailers, trading partners, franchisers looking for business opportunities or new manufacturers in your region-country, has a working solution now. Easy and quick. Sign-up free and you receive matching jobs via email.

Contact us and ask ask your questions.

You save time and money

As alternative to visit exchanges – exhibitions – shows – expositions you can inform your target groups directly via Potential new partners also can inform you by pitching their opportunities as well. You can find simple and quick the people you are looking for and if not present add a pitch of your company and show the world what you have to offer them.

As an ex country manager and later an internet retailer, I was often looking for new sellers of our products. Also finding new suppliers was a pain in the ass. Both are and still be a time-consuming but also costly activity.

Based on mine and other entrepreneurs I the process should be: more efficient – cheaper – faster and internationally. Given companies a multilingual platform to present themselves and to inform the market after which they are looking for: a trading partner for the sale or for the purchase of products or services. Try and find your new trade partners.

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