Ronald Scholten
Netherlands 2018

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Hi, I am Ronald Scholten and founder of The reason for this was simple. As an ex country manager and owner of a webshop, I was often looking for new buyers and suppliers. This was and still is a time-consuming but also costly activity.

That is how I developed the idea that things should be different: more efficient – cheaper – faster and internationally. To give companies a multilingual platform to present themselves and to inform them after which they are looking for: a trading partner for the sale or for the purchase of products or services. Try and find your new Trade partners.

The presentation is provided by pitches. By placing a pitch, you promote your company with your products or services. If you are interested, you have direct contact with potential partners. You can search for new trading partners and also promote your company.

As you can experience on the site, I like to keep it simple. But you have probably already seen that.

Thank you for visiting

– Ronald Scholten

Free membership
With membership you get access to services that have been specially developed to quickly and adequately find new partners. Membership offers direct, commission-free access to: Manufacturers – Distributors – Wholesalers – Commercial Agents – Retailers – Partners – Franchisers – Start-ups. All necessary information that a company has stored in its pitch is visible to members. There are no restrictions.

No mediation committee
The unique membership model of means: when providers and searchers connect via, neither party will pay commissions or fees. Meet a potential customer and the relationship is for you and without a brokerage fee.

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