Subscription period:

The subscription period is unlimited.

The subscription is free.


There is no limitation for the amount of pitches per account.

There are multiple target groups.

You can set a pitch visible or invisible.

You can edit – create – duplicate – delete pitches.

We use a professional pitch editor for optimal presentation of your text.


You can communicate with other members via our Message Board.

The Message Board has no limitation and is for free.

Start a communication with a member via a pitch.

The Message Board is strictly personal.


You can upload 1 Banner.

Banners are random displayed.

Banner size: 300px x 250px (W x H)

Banners are € 35.- per month


You can set your membership as Verified.

We check the account information.

Visitors have more trust to do business with you.

Verified badge is shown in each of your pitches and in your profile page.

Verified membership is € 25.- per year.

Google Maps:

We show your Google Maps location.

We only need your complete and correct address.

In Profile, you can manage your correct address.


You can edit and change your Profile.

You also can complete your business information for verification.


Payments are performed with PayPal.


Promote and introduce to you own business partners. When they register and Pitches are created or a banner is uploaded, you get up to 15% of the turnover. Netto paid directly to your PayPal account. Our advantage is your benefit.